In which country wafers first appeared?

Austrian, English, American, Russian, Belgian, Dutch, Czech and even Hong Kong … yes – these are all varieties of wafer culture and this is not the whole list. They are adored by the whole world and in every country. And of course, every country has introduced its own flavor in the way of eating. Waffles are a dessert that you can fill to your taste. There is a wide variety of fillings, both sweet and salty. They can be soft, crunchy, with caramel, chocolate, jam, condensed milk, ice cream, fruits, berries and other delicacies.

Waffle-honeycomb in German

The first mention of this delicious dessert was in Ancient Greece in the 18th century. It was pancakes and cakes, which were baked with herbs and cheese on hot stones. The dough was made from flour and water, made cakes and tightly clamped between two plates of metal.
Since industry in the 19th century was actively developing, the production of wafers accordingly increased significantly. Thanks to the development of bakery equipment and the sale of sugar.
However, one of the versions of the origin of this confectionery discovery is that the word waffle came from the German word Waffel in the translation of the honeycomb, it is also possible to translate the cell. The purpose of these cells is the same as that of a honeycomb: keep the soft filler – cream, whipped cream, jam. Also, many written historical sources of the 13th-century point to the German origin of wafers.

But by the 14th-16th centuries, waffles had become a dessert for kings. Waffles have become a very popular delicacy in Europe. The recipe was kept in the strictest secrecy and could be severely punished or even executed for its disclosure. In the Middle Ages, waffles were considered a variety of cookies, but they were made differently, while in the process of preparation, there was an impression of some drawing or ornament on the wafers.

They are adored by the whole world and in every country. And of course, every country has introduced its own flavor in the way of eating this waffle.

Conflicts about territorial affiliation or how to divide up waffles broke out.

In 2007, chefs from the Czech Republic applied to the European Committee for Standardization to issue an exclusive license for the production of “Karlovy Vary” wafers. Immediately, Austria and Germany reacted. After all, both countries also consider themselves the birthplace of this delicacy. The European Committee was forced to refuse Karlovy Vary in the registration of the trade mark, also because not all enterprises producing Karlovy Vary wafers were located in Karlovy Vary. The recipe for Karlovy Vary wafers is original in that the composition includes the world-famous local mineral water. Disputes lasted about 8 years and in 2012 Karlovy Vary finally received a license, the European Commission recorded triangular small wafers from Karlovy Vary in the list of goods designated by the quality of the EU.
In 1869, a resident of New York State invented a waffle-iron and received a patent. His name was Cornelius Swarthout. Since then, the National Day of Waffles is celebrated in the USA on August 24.
Wafers in the US are different from European ones. Products resemble pancakes and fry them on fire in special waffle makers, which are more like pans, inside of which there is a pattern.