There was a withdrawal of visitors from the building in the Louvre.

There was a situation during which the Louvre was released from people yesterday afternoon in Paris. The French media published news about the emergency evacuation of visitors who inspected the most famous paintings of famous artists in the Louvre.

From the words of the visitors it became clear that suddenly the siren, which reported about the evacuation, worked. After that, the security service, which is in the building, immediately proceeded to the take off the people. The reason for the decision to evacuate was the safety standards. It is urgent to leave the premises in the event of an alarm in these standards.

Also, it was not possible to find out the exact data why the alarm was triggered.

But on some of the photos that were placed the process of people’s withdrawal is visible on the networks. In a photo from social networks, users show how many people are standing by the pyramid, which is directly beside the Louvre.

The headquarters of the presidential candidate in France reported that the evacuation occurred because of a possible threat of an explosion due to a bag. It is reported that this bag was at the entrance to the room. The contents of the bag consisted of several batteries from the camera, which belonged to journalists.

The security service of the building has several dogs that are specially trained to search for explosives. It was one of these dogs that reacted to the bag there could be explosives in it. Therefore it was taken measures to eliminate the possible danger immediately.

It is also worth taking into account the fact of the possible victory of Emmanuel Macron. It will be celebrated directly in the courtyard of the famous museum. Maybe it is for this reason that a strong guard is attached to the building and territory in order to avoid incidents of various kinds.

According to other information panic began during the evacuation of visitors which jeopardized the normal conduct of the process.

The reason for such measures was the fire system, which suddenly worked. Perhaps because of the threat of an explosion, the Louvre workers ordered immediate precautionary measures and the inclusion of a fire safety system.

The explosion did not happen, and all visitors remained unharmed, only a little scared. At the moment this is the latest news about the incident.