Allergies prevent you from enjoying life.

With the onset of spring and summer, many people face the main problem of the season. The allergy to flowering does not give rest. Because of this illness people feel uncomfortable. Constant rhinitis, coughing, unpleasant sensations in the eyes and fatigue does not allow to work and relax in nature. As you know, if you do not treat allergies, it can worsen and turn into bronchial asthma, which is very dangerous for the human body.

Allergies can occur due to various factors.

The cause of the disease can be not only a reaction to flowering. It can also be a reaction to animal hair, dust, red fruit corpses, etc. Also, many doctors believe that allergies can develop in people who live in too clean conditions. According to them, immune cells can’t distinguish between allergies and begin to fight it because of the lack of the slightest idea about it.

The main methods of treating allergies are tablets. But due to their characteristics these medications are contraindicated to people who are engaged in hard brain activity and drive a car. Tablets against allergies cause drowsiness and drowsiness. They act as soothing drugs.

A new method of treating allergies has been created.

More recently, Australian scientists have found that this disease can be treated with gene therapy. According to their arguments, an allergy occurs in human immune cells that react to body proteins as antigens. Due to their excellent memory, these cells can’t get rid of harmful proteins. Scientists were able to make these cells “forget” their antigens by gene therapy. According to biologists, these cells can be returned to their previous state before the allergy through therapy.

Experiments that scientists have done on mice have shown that even when a lot of allergic cells are introduced into their immune cells, immunity immediately rejects them and stops the development of the disease.

This method of treatment is now in development and the scientists so far only try to fully study it in mice, what would then go to clinical research on volunteers. Also, scientists note that it will take a long time to create such therapy. Studies on the subjects will take about 6 years, after which volunteers who can get the opportunity to permanently recover from allergies will have to be under the constant control of doctors and scientists for 7 years. Only after successful results of the experiment can we talk about the introduction of gene therapy in the number of methods for treating allergies.

Also, scientists said that there was not enough money to fully study this issue. In this regard, they say that if a sponsor appears who is interested in this result, then the process can accelerate several times.
Therefore, with good development of cases, gene therapy can already become real literally in 5 years. And finally, many people suffering from this ailment can live a full life. The success of this project is absolutely real.