The beauty’s secrets or every woman wants to look beautiful at any age.

Everyone knows the secrets of beautiful appearance and in 40 years and even in 60. Skin care, various masks and procedures, massages and wraps. But one of the main attributes of female beauty is the hair. There are different recommendations and preparations for maintain the brilliance and density of hair, but a very little amount of women known how to choose the right hair dye, which would do less harm to the hair, and well colored the gray hair, which is found not only in adult women, but also in young girls.
Experts argue that gray hair has a different structure, since they are devoid of naturally segment. This complicates the process of staining, since even the most persistent and expensive paint can be washed away in a short time.
The following factors influence the choice of beauty dye for gray hair. The first factor is the thickness of the hair. Rare and brittle hair is poorly colored and it is very difficult to pick the right amount of oxidizer, thick hair, on the contrary, it will take much more substance. The second factor is the amount of gray hair. For example, if the amount of gray hair is more than half of the total amount of hair, a 6 percent oxidant is required, if gray is present on a quarter of the total hair, a 3 percent remedy is needed. Completely gray hair can only color 9 and 12 percent oxidizer.
It is also necessary to know that damaged and gray hair should be dyed twice. The first time you need to dilute the paint on the lighter tone desired, mixing it with water (1 part of the paint in two parts of the water), and apply only to the gray hair, after 15-20 minutes of waiting, you need to apply a paint residue on the hair without water.
An important factor that few people know about is that white colors are not suitable for natural hair colors, in such paints there is very little pigment required for this type of hair. You need to know that the colors are not selected from the picture on the box, only the numbers on the box will be able to accurately indicate the color and tone. Manufacturers indicate two or three digits on the box, the first one says about the color of the paint, from 1 to 10 and indicates a list from black to blond. The second number indicates the tone of the paint 1-ash, 2-matte, 3-gold, 4-red, 5-mahogany, 6-violet, 7-natural pigment. And the third figure, if present, indicates an additional shade, the same as the tone itself, then in a larger amount.
And the last few tips when choosing a paint for gray hair, it is important to remember that paints without ammonia are useless, as they are unable to color a complex hair structure without pigment. If the paint is below the sixth tone, you will not be able to paint over the gray hair due to lack of the required amount of pigment. Also, rare hair is not desirable to paint with dark tones, the visible scalp will not look very aesthetically pleasing, for a thick hair the shade is darker than natural, and it will add volume to the hair.
We hope that our advice helped you to get the paint right and save your beaty at any age!