The Russian athlete Yulia Efimova took second place and won the silver medal at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

She has performed in the category of “Swiming on the backstroke 200 m” and overcome the distance in 2 minutes 21, 97 seconds.

The first place was won by the sportswoman from Japan Rie Kaeeto, which swam the distance in 2 minutes 20, 30 seconds. The bronze went to China to Shi Jinglin. Her result 2:22.28.

Efimova is very glad her medal and said that all girls were very strong. Therefore, the difference between results is minimum.

Achievements of Yulia Efimova

For the Russian athlete, this is not the first Olympic medal in her career. Efimova already has a bronze medal for swimming in the 200 meter breaststroke from previous games and silver medal from these Olimpic Games on the results of swimming in the 100 m breaststroke.