New fiction film “Gravitation” will be released in the beginning of the next year. The director and producer of the action has become a famous Russian movie figure Fyodor Bondarchuk. 43 states have already bought this film for broadcasting on their territory. Italy, France, Germany, Japan, China and many other countries are among them.

Such legendary actors as Oleg Menshikov, Lyudmila Maksakova, and Sergei Garmash have starred in this film.

The film’s director Fyodor Bondarchuk said that this movie was not similar to his previous works. He has spent three years on the creation of this movie.

The film’s budget exceeds 350 million rubles. The world’s premiere is scheduled for January 26, 2017.

Plot of the movie

The events of the film take place in Moscow. An unidentified flying object was spotted and shot down over one of the metropolitan districts. The attention of the authorities and law enforcement agencies was immediately drawn to this extraordinary event.

The trailer of fantastic action can be seen on the Internet.