December 1 — World AIDS Day

Today marks the day of struggle against this terrible disease.
Scientists say that to cope with the mass epidemic of AIDS will help only a focused and centralized opposition to it. Everyone should have good medicine.The disease was first discovered in the eighties in the United States. Then he was called «the disease of four H». Since all patients had something in common: they visited Haiti, used heroin, were homosexual, hemophilic. After it was proved that the name does not reflect the reality, and was renamed to «syndrome of acquired immune deficiency». It is the final stage of HIV.

In 1988, the UN declared December 1 the World AIDS Day. In the same year, the first mass infection in the USSR was recorded. The lack of syringes, the negligence of medical personnel led to the infection of 79 people. At that time they spoke of this illness as a disease of «homeless people, prostitutes and homosexuals». Vseryoz took her danger only after a considerable period of time.

Almost 20 million people in the world today are taking antiretroviral drugs. About 11 million of them are in Africa.
The world is struggling with this disease with joint efforts. More recently, Japanese scientists said that they have developed a completely new medicine to fight HIV, against which AIDS is developing. Its function is to provoke the natural death of cells infected with the virus. While the drug is being tested.

And on World AIDS Day, there are various conferences, actions devoted to informing people about the danger of the disease and ways to avoid getting infected with it.