Work on holidays and weekends has become the norm for modern people. But there are more hard cases. Why do not some people miss work, even if they are sick? It often happens that in the morning you feel unwell, headache, weakness. The temperature rises, the whole body aches. But this does not prevent you from going to the office. The illness is not a reason for some individual to stay home. Why is this happening?

Many of today’s people do not consider that it is necessary to take sick leave and lie down at home until a full recovery.

What are the reasons they guided in making such a decision? That question is set by the scientists. And here is the answer.

Reducing of wages

According to the scientists, one of the reasons for such a behavior is the feeling of fear. People think (sometimes correctly) that all cases of absence from work are clearly fixed by the director. And at the end of the month, it is reflected in a number of wages. By the way, these measures are very often practiced in some foreign companies. The more a person is absent in the workplace, the less he earns. On the territory of post-Soviet countries, especially in public institutions, the number of sick-lists is rarely reflected in the salary.

A sense of duty to the colleagues

Another factor of working during illness is a reluctance to shift the responsibilities to the colleagues. While you are out, someone still has to carry out your functions. Not everyone can afford to suffer other people because of it. In addition, colleagues also do not experience great delight when they bore down on the extra work.

Fear of being unnecessary

Some people need to feel their importance. They want to think that their absence from work will lead to some irreversible consequences. According to these people, the work of the enterprise can completely stop due to their illness. Although the practice shows the opposite thing. As you know, there are no irreplaceable people. So do not neglect your health in the hope that it will be highly appreciated.

The lack of meaning in life without work

There are such unique humans. People who have no idea what they can do outside the workplace. For them, the weekend is not a joy because they stagger all day doing nothing. And the disease is not a reason to miss work. Such people are able to go in the office or on the company in any condition because they feel happy there.

A possible way out of the situation

If you are really an indispensable employee, then you have one variant. Fortunately, modern technology allows performing certain duties, without leaving home. Gadgets that are connected to the Internet, greatly simplify the lives of people today. Many modern professions imply the possibility of working remotely. In view of the preliminary agreement with the director, you can easily implement the volume of job at home, without getting out from under the blanket.

Take care of your health! This is the main human value.