Accessories are the great addition and the finishing touch for any image. The new season brought a lot of surprises for the dandies and ladies. Let’s consider the most striking trends in the coming year.

Hair accessories

This year, the most popular will be unusual, intricate hairstyles that can easily be added with a variety of accessories. Miniature pins and massive accessories, decorated with sparkling stones. False plaits and artificial curls are coming back. Do you want to look a bit childish? Then decorate hair with pins in the form of bows choosing bright colors.

Stylish brooch

A variety of brooches is particularly in demand in the coming season. If only a few years ago, such an accessory was considered old-fashioned and out of place, you can now safely complement the image of such a decoration. Original brooch would look good not only for jackets or blouses but on outerwear. By the way, during the fashion shows the designers demonstrated that a few brooches of different shapes and sizes could be worn at the same time.

Fashion bracelets

If you follow fashion then you noticed a lot of bracelets. This accessory was supplemented with many images at fashion shows of famous couturiers. The most popular in this season are massive bracelets of different materials: wood, plastic, leather, metal, etc.

Trend earrings and rings

Accessories for the ears should also be bulky and massive. Earrings in the form of geometric shapes are in the fashion of the coming season. Especially original decorations imitating pearl beads look. To emphasize the elegance of the female hand, the stylists advise choosing large bright rings.

Belts for every taste

Outfits should be complemented with the belts. This season, the designers have expressed a preference for a broad model that richly decorated with various elements: studs, beads, stones.


Necklace or chain in the season should always be bright and showy. They can be made of any material: metal, glass, wood. The main thing is that decoration must not be gone unnoticed and make a lasting impression on others.


The designers have paid enough attention to this stylish accessory. In the new collections, there are glasses with the stripes, as well as models in a double frame.

Ties and bow ties

Not only men but women can supplement their look of such an accessory. Only the girls choice is much wider and more varied.

By choosing certain accessories, you can emphasize your individuality and refined taste.