Walking in the winter cold in the fresh air, you want to feel a warmth. Comfort during such promenades largely depends on the shoes that you have chosen. It is very important to choose the right winter boots. It is important not only for your comfort but also for the health. It is known that continuous freezing during the cold season may become the cause of many unpleasant diseases. And feet must be in the warmth. What should we look for when buying warm boots? We offer you some rules for the choice of winter shoes, which certainly should be considered. These principles can be useful when purchasing shoes not only for adults but also for children.


Give preference to natural materials: leather, fur, suede or nubuck. They pass the air well, can withstand low temperatures, provide heat insulation, as well as have an attractive appearance. Shoe manufacturers often use high-quality textiles. This material is treated with a special cure. The shoes do not absorb moisture.


When buying shoes for winter, looking at the sole. It should be fairly thick. It is also very important that the sole does not slide. For this purpose, it should have a drawing. Discard the polyurethane. This material may break at too low temperature. The sole should be firmly sewn or glued.


Different manufacturers use heaters to make shoes warmer. It is better to choose boots with sheepskin fur. This material will warm you perfectly. Refuse of synthetics. Or your legs will sweat and then freeze.


It is important to choose the right size. Winter boots should not be too close, or vice versa loose. Mismatched shoe’s size will cause freezing feet. The most successful version, when there is a short distance of 1 cm near the toe and the heel.

Special advice for girls

If you really like the shoes with heels, give preference to sustainable patterns. In winter it is very slippery. Shoes with thin heels are not the best variant.