Jackets are considered to be universal clothes for the cold season. It can both perfectly warm in the cold and highlight the personality and style of its owner. Winter jackets can be very different, especially for women. After all, for the fair sex, it is most important to remain attractive in any weather, regardless of the indications of the thermometer outside the window.

Today, many brands offer the girls to buy jackets of their production. A wide range of outerwear can confuse even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

What jacket are presented to the choice of charming ladies? What things should be noted when choosing winter clothes?

Down jackets

These jackets are very popular not only among the women but also among the men. Down jackets are very warm and comfortable. Only if they are made of quality materials, then just protect its wearer from the cold. The best filler for down jackets is eiderdown. Choosing this article of clothing, pay attention to the lining. Feathers should not stick out from it.

Leather jackets

These clothes can also be excellent shelter from the cold. But this is possible only if the jacket is equipped with a warm liner. By itself, the skin can only protect from rain and the wind but not from the cold. It is better to abandon from leatherette clothes, because it may crack at too low temperature.

Fur jackets

Fur jackets are especially popular among the fair sex. These items are usually made of individual patches. If you live in an area with mild winters, such clothes will suit you. A fur coat is hardly suitable for the inhabitants of the countries with a harsh climate.


This type of outerwear is relatively recent. It’s a long loose hooded jacket. Parka is equipped with laces at the waist. This jacket is the first competitor for the down jacket because it can also warm well during the winter cold.