Making interior of the house or office, you should first decide on the style. Based on this parameter, materials and elements of the room decor are selected. Windows decoration plays an important role in creating a harmonious interior. Properly selected curtains will be the finishing touch to the whole composition.

Today, there are many variants for window decoration. Each person can choose the most suitable and congenial.

Japanese minimalism

If you like minimalism, pay attention to the Japanese curtains. This type of textiles has become very popular lately. It’s no secret that the Japanese use a minimal amount of things to create the design of the room. Japanese curtains combine such qualities as brevity and functionality. They do not just look very stylish, but also fulfill the functions fully.

French chic

If you like the rich decoration of palaces, then stop your choice on the curtains of Louis XIV. Such decoration of windows looks very solemn and majestic. You will feel like a king. But do not use French curtains in a small room. They will look ridiculous. These curtains are suitable for large spaces and windows of big size.

Roman practicality

People who are used to select things on their practicality, like the Roman curtains. They are very similar to the blinds. Textile fabrics gather in horizontal folds with lift mechanism. This design solution is appropriate in places where you need to save space. For example, in small living rooms or offices.


Not everyone likes to experiment. In this case, classic curtains will be perfect. Classics never goes out of fashion. It looks appropriate in different interiors. Traditional curtains are often decorated with lambrequins, tassels or fringe.

Pleated textiles

Pleated curtains are perfect for odd-shaped windows. They can be used in attics and other rooms with unusual windows.

There are many types of curtains, for example, Austrian, Chinese, Romanic, etc. Each of them has an unrepeatable design. By creating a unique interior, you have the opportunity to choose to your taste.