The fire reached Los Angeles

The fire destroys indiscriminately forest, houses of ordinary people and celebrities. 150 thousand people are forcibly evacuated from Los Angeles. Rescue services are strongly recommended, without spending a minute, to collect the most necessary documents and things and leave the city. In the most prestigious area live such celebrities as: Jennifer Lopez, Ilon Mask, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston.

The flame destroyed part of the vineyard on the site owned by Robert Murdoch. According to some estimates, the value of this estate at the time of purchase was $ 28.8 million.

A state of emergency was introduced. The level of danger has risen to the highest (purple). Recently, it is customary to give fires names. The most affected by the «Thomas» the outskirts of the city of Ventura, 31 thousand acres destroyed. Many houses burned down.

Control over the rapidly spreading fire, it was possible to establish only 5%. The danger is exacerbated by the heat, and the wind (33 meters per second) does not subside. According to the accepted classification, it can be called a hurricane. Smoke is visible even from outer space.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry offered its assistance in extinguishing fires. Hundreds of volunteers, fire units can not cope with the raging elements.

The road to Los Angeles is more like a road to hell. People who leave their city, videotaped the video, and spread in social networks. In the darkness glow brightly, embraced by the flames of the hills, and the tongues of fire reach the highway.

The fires in California, lasting several months, have already been called the most destructive in history. The losses as of December 1 exceeded nine million dollars. Insurance companies suffer huge losses.