Folic acid can enter the body with food. But sometimes this substance is taken in the form of ready-made medicines. This microelement is especially known to the fairer sex. After all, they use it more often than others. So why do women need folic acid?

Improvement of well-being and appearance

Folic acid has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair. In addition, this substance helps to improve digestion and the formation of red blood cells. Also, folic acid increases the activity of the brain and prevents the development of depression.

Stimulation of the reproductive function

Folic acid is prescribed for couples who plan to have a baby. Moreover, this microelement is useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Signs of a lack of folic acid

How to determine that you need to take this substance? Signs of a shortage of this trace element is the early appearance of gray hair, a decrease in appetite, premature onset of menopause and a lack of sexual desire.