Supper is the same important meal as breakfast and dinner. After coming home from work in the evening, some people start eating everything in sight. Others, on the contrary, do not eat at all. Both variants of behavior are not beneficial for the organism. How is it possible to find the golden mean? What you can eat in the evening, and what products you should refuse.

According to the nutritionists, it is better to have a supper in 4 hours before sleep. In this case, the food is assimilated well and you will not have the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. If you eat just before the night’s sleep, the meal does not have time to digest. It is bad not only for your health but also fraught with weight gain. The whole organism should have a rest at night. This also applies to the stomach.

Useful foods for supper

The experts advise eating a light meal for supper, which is easily digestible. Evening diet should contain proteins. It is also important. For example, fish, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese will suit perfectly. You can also eat rabbit, white meat of poultry. Salad of fresh vegetables will be a good addition to the meat or fish dishes. If you want fruit, you should prefer unsweetened ones.

Forbidden meal for supper

The nutritionists do not recommend eating bakery products in the evening. You should also refuse fried meal, fast food, nuts and sweet fruits. Porridge is also best eaten in the morning, but not at night. It is better to hold over spicy seasonings and pickles for the day time. They can cause heartburn and other unpleasant sensations.

Portion size

Portion size for the supper is two palms. If we transfer this quantity into the grams, the female portion will be of 250 grams, and man’s – 350 g on the average.

It is not necessary just abandon the supper. Organism needs a certain amount of products and it will have them. But in such a case may be overeating during the day. And it is fraught with the occurrence of extra kilos. It is better to eat at the regular intervals. This will benefit your health.