Wedding Dress. Megan Markle chose a designer

One of the most famous modern and romantic couples — the English prince Gary and his American bride, Megan Markle soon marry. The date of the wedding is set for May 19, 2018. By the way, May is an extraordinary choice for a wedding. In the royal family, it is not customary to marry this month. But the couple in love and so does not fit into the strict framework of the family. They continually violate generally accepted standards, and they do it with such a nice ease that everyone finds it even with something sincere and not at all shameful. Even the queen, known for her stiffness, several times did not act as officially as the case required. Like, for example, Megan was invited along with the rest of the family to a royal Christmas dinner, although she had not officially become a part of them.

But everyone understands that in part this attitude is dictated by the fact that Harry will never actually become a king, although he is formally a pretender. The prince himself repeatedly showed that his state of affairs does not upset him. On the contrary, the couple shows a more relaxed behavior, compared to William’s family. This is evidenced by a comparison of the last official photoshoots of both couples, and their manner of dressing, and behavior in public.

Many curious people are interested in what the upcoming wedding will be like. And it is not surprising, because such activities are very rare, and the chic and glitter is truly royal! In particular, fashionistas around the world are interested in the Megan Markle wedding dress, a true style icon. The subject of general interest should be carefully kept secret until the very last moment, when everyone is ecstatic about what they see.

This mystery is so important, and it is so difficult to prevent a possible leak of information that, for example, Diana Spencer, beloved princess, ordered two dresses before her wedding. The second was just in case the style of the first becomes public before the scheduled celebration.

So, the Megan Markle wedding dress should not only be luxurious, but also unique, unique and unique. Recently it became known which of the designers addressed the bride of the prince. According to some sources, Inbal Dror, an Israeli designer, has already submitted sketches of several dresses, having signed them first: «For Megan Markle, with love Inbal Dror.» I must say, the designer creates clothes for celebrities such as Beyoncé and Eva Longoria. On the sketches of the wedding dress Megan Markle is very different from the dresses of bride-predecessors. There are several options, and they are all pretentious and interesting. On the first one — a deep neckline framed with lace, high shoulders, the cut itself — tight-fitting. The second is more lush, decorated with buttons, with an emphasis on the decollete, also with lace. Third — a typical royal — a sumptuous skirt, a collar-stand, long cuffs made of lace.

As the media leaked pictures of sketches is still unclear. But most likely, this is not an accident, but something like a «distracting maneuver,» so it will not be surprising if the Megan Markle wedding dress turns out to be quite different.