Modern living room is one of the main places in the house. Typically, the whole family gathers in this room, so it should be very comfortable and functional. In addition, every woman wants her home to be the epitome of style and beauty.

To achieve this, you need to monitor the modern fashion trends periodically. The designers and decorators of the interior are not sitting idly. They always invent, develop, and improve something.

2017 is not an exception. In the field of design, there are main trends that dictate the rules of creation a unique interior. What is fashionable today? How is it possible to make your house modern, but at the same time cozy?

Rules of ideal living room

  • Keep minimalism. This style is principal in the coming season. Maximize your space. The room should be full of space and air.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone, natural textiles, glass, etc. These recommendations are clear and apply to any season. Health and safety should always be in the first place, including with the interior design.
  • Create comfort, without forgetting practicality. Bulky constructions are the things of the past. They were replaced by functionality. The interior should not contain unnecessary details. Each element has a specific function.
  • Use soothing colors. 2017 was marked by the supremacy of pastel colors, which are diluted with bright accents white interiors are not in fashion.
  • Avoid bulky furniture sets. Huge wardrobes are the relic of the past. They were replaced by modules that can easily be transformed according to the needs of the owners. Different things can be stored not only in “Soviet walls,” but also on the stylish racks and shelves.

These are the main points that should be taken into account during the design of the modern interior. Of course, also it is important to focus on your preferences. But if you want to keep up with the times, take into account fashion trends.