«Olivier» salad has become an indispensable dish on New Year’s table. Each family has its own, proprietary recipe of its cooking. Some variation is so exotic that it is hard to learn the usual salad. We offer to remember the most traditional version, the original and most unusual ones.

Let’s start with the original recipe of the dish. As is known, the birthplace of «Olivier» is France. The classic recipe includes such ingredients as meat of grouse, potatoes, cucumbers, crayfish tails, lettuce, capers, and olives, sauce «Provencal». It is not like the usual set of products for many Soviet citizens, is it? There are no green peas, boiled eggs, and many other familiar ingredients.

The most traditional variant includes sausage (or meat), boiled potatoes, salted cucumbers, canned peas, boiled eggs, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Sometimes boiled carrots and fresh herbs can be added.

The most exotic recipe consists of cabbage, salted and fresh cucumbers, green onions, canned peas, sour cream, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper. It is very difficult to guess that it is a popular salad.

Cook with pleasure, do not be afraid of experiments.