Vaping is the process of inhaling a steam through a special evaporator. This action is similar to smoking. Especially because the devices for vaping often have the form of the ordinary cigarettes.

Recently vaping became very popular. Both smokers and free from this habit people like it. This is not only a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking but a cult. At the moment, there is a rapidly growing industry, which aims to the creation of devices and fillers for vaping.

We can see many people on the streets who smoke electronic cigarettes. The number of inhabitants of the planet, quitted smoking due to vaping, is constantly increasing.

Scientific research

American scientists have engaged in this issue and found out an interesting fact. It turns out that smoking of the electronic cigarette can cause the opposite effect. Teenagers who were addicted to vaping eventually had switched to ordinary cigarettes. The students of the 10th class of Los Angeles were involved in the experiment.

The researchers plan to continue studying this question. They want to use a new age group from another region. This will give an opportunity to make more accurate conclusions regarding the impact of vaping craving for tobacco smoking.