Everyone should think about nutrition, and especially future mothers. Because of them, the health of the baby directly depends on. What useful products should women eat while waiting for a child? What should the ration of a pregnant woman consist of?


This is a very useful vegetable. Its consuming not only adjusts the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract but also positively affect the condition of the skin and hair of the future mother.


These fruits are rich in such important microelements as potassium and zinc. The first substance strengthens the immunity of the child, and the second — forms a healthy cardiovascular system.

Bulgarian pepper

Vitamin C, which is rich in this vegetable, strengthens the health of mother and child, helps to resist colds.


The calcium contained in this food is needed to strengthen the bones of the future mother and the child.

Sea fish

Women during pregnancy need to closely monitor their health. Fatty acids, contained in fish, strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

Dietary meat

Expecting a baby, it is better to abandon fatty varieties of meat. Give preference to rabbit meat, turkey meat or low-fat veal. Microelements, which are rich in these useful products, are necessary for the full development of the child and the health of the mother.


This product contains complex carbohydrates, which saturate the body well. Oatmeal has a beneficial effect on the stomach, relieves irritation and inflammation.