On the streets of Paris, unmanned buses can be seen. New vehicles are equipped with electric motors. If buses are successfully coping with the assigned functions, the authorities of the French capital will increase the number of vehicles.

Two modern buses service shorter routes. They move along the line allocated to them.

A capacity of the minibus is 12 people. The vehicle is equipped with a variety of laser detectors, sensitive cameras. These devices are necessary in order to avoid accidents with other road users.

To go the other way, the bus does not need to unfold. Arriving at the stop, it can immediately go back (as a funicular carriage).

The experiment will be completed in three months. According to the results, it will be decided whether move fully to the use of unmanned buses or not.

The development of modern transport

Not only the major car manufacturers, for example, BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors, Tesla, as well as KIA company are engaged in the development of vehicles without drivers. IT-companies such as Apple and Google also work closely on this issue.