Underground parking lots for bicycles appeared in Japan. They were created by the Japanese engineers. According to the developers, the benefit of this underground bicycle parking is huge. Firstly, they provide the opportunity to save ground territory. Secondly, the bicycles are protected from the rain in the underground storage. Third, it will be impossible to steal these vehicles.

Parking is like an elevator. An owner puts a bike on the rails, applies a special card to the scanner. And then a vehicle drives into the open doors. A bike gets down into the ground at a certain place. On its front wheel, a bar code for identification is located.

If you need to get your bike back, you must also attach a card to the scanner. The entire procedure takes less than 15 seconds. Parking is situated at a depth of 17 meters.

11 Japanese cities are already equipped with underground bicycle parking. The engineers plan to increase the amount of the parking lots for the whole country.

Usage of the underground parking