Japanese company invented UAVs to combat the workaholism of employees

Japan, among other things, is known for its hard-working citizens. According to statistics, at many enterprises workers daily significantly rework the norm. After the end of the working day, many of them can be found behind the workplace. In a month, the Japanese process about eighty hours of overtime. Naturally, this negatively affects their health and personal life. On the Internet you can find a lot of pictures, where the inhabitants of Japan, because of chronic fatigue, fall asleep right in public places. One firm has invented an innovative way to deal with such a problem, unusual for most other countries. They decided to launch automatic flying UAVs, which would scare people who were sitting at work with loud music.

This solution is far from being too much, as it may seem at first glance. There are cases of sudden death from overtime work.
The Japanese call this phenomenon “karoshi”.

This idea arose from Taisei (construction company). Blue Innovations engineers designed the device. T-FREND (“Taisei Friend”) is programmed to fly around the office at a certain time on a pre-determined route. The aircraft does not use GPS, or other similar navigation systems. T-FREND moves around the office and plays music at full volume at random. By the way, it’s no accident that the traditional Japanese song “Hotaru no Hikari” was chosen as a melody. It often plays in Japanese schools and stores before they close.

In addition to helping workaholics, UAVs have several additional useful functions. The robots are equipped with CCTV cameras, which will become a help and security service. The video is synchronized with cloud services and also stored on the SD card.