Every person periodically experiences the need to measure body temperature. If you feel unwell, then you need to take urgent measures. First thing is to measure the temperature. For these purposes, there is a thermometer in each house. Earlier, people used only mercury devices, today their diversity is amazing. What types of thermometers exist?

Glass mercury thermometer

Such device is familiar to all people living in the post-Soviet space. The glass tube with mercury inside is precise and easy to use. The only negative moment is that you need to be very careful with such a thermometer.

Electronic digital thermometer

This device measures the temperature in seconds. It is safe and accurate. It is especially good for children. Negative moment — such a thermometer should fit very tightly to the body.


Such modern equipment is indispensable for families with babies. You can measure the temperature of the baby’s body without making any special effort. The main thing is that the child does not spit out a pacifier.

Indicator strips

Such testers are applied to the forehead. After a few seconds, the indicator shows if the person has a fever. These plates are not very convenient because their results are generalized: the norm, the lowered or elevated temperature (without specifying a specific figure).