According to the American president, transgender people are not pleased with the army.

Yesterday, in his tweet, Donald Trump announced his desire to reintroduce a law banning transgender people from serving in the US Army. Earlier this ban was abolished by the previous President of the United States, Barack Obama. Donald Trump is the most categorical in his position. He said he would not tolerate transgender people serving in the army, in any position. According to official data, this decision was taken not only by one president. It is known that earlier he had consulted with military experts and generals of the US Army. They supported the president’s proposal and said that the presence of transgender people in the army is unacceptable. Donald Trump says that the main goal of the army is to focus on victory. And people with transgender inclinations will burden the military sphere with medical payments and disorderly conduct.

Transgenders, according to other politicians, will not prevent the army.

Such a decision by the President of the United States caused misunderstanding among other political figures. For example, John McCain, who is the head of the Senate Defense Committee and an influential Republican senator, criticized the new law. Also, the entire US Congress expressed its discontent with respect to such discrimination. For the first time transsexuals were allowed to serve in the army in July 2016. The government allocated time until June 2017 to prepare all necessary orders for this. It is worth noting that James Mattis, who is the defense minister of the presidential administration, extended the term for six months.

Many noted the tendency of the current president to abolish the laws passed by Barack Obama. For example, in February 2017 Donald Trump canceled the decision in relation to students. Transgender students previously had the right to choose toilets, changing rooms based on personal perceptions of their field. According to Donald Trump, this permission harms the psyche and the upbringing of other children. He believes that in schools there should not be such orders. The public was divided on this issue. Many believe that such discrimination in modern society is inappropriate. Others are confident that this will help to stop the riots in the country caused by trending people.