Toyota announced plans to move completely to electric cars.

Toyota Motor Corporation is Japan’s largest public automotive company.

By 2025, Toyota and Lexus will produce only electric and hybrid models. It is planned to supply 5.5 million electric vehicles by 2030, 1 million of which will be fully electric cars, having zero percent of emissions harmful to the atmosphere (based on batteries or hydrogen fuel cells).

To achieve electrification of the model range Toyota wants for ten years. During this period, it is planned to accelerate the production and development of new HEVs, recharged PHEV and electric vehicles BEV and FCEV. In 2020, the company is going to release at least 10 new BEV models. This despite the fact that at this time the company has not released virtually no electric vehicles. With the exception of FCEV Mirai, which is sold in a few markets.

It is worth noting that in recent years, Toyota has not been very good about electric vehicles with battery power. In 2014, the company abandoned the joint venture with Tesla Motors, and due to low sales (only 100 cars) of the electric mini-car iQ, closed its production. However, now rapid progress still leaves no choice. Besides, competitors will not wait. Yes, and new bills of many countries provide for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Skepticism about the car on batteries, it was associated with unsatisfactory technical performance. The decision of Toyota was its own launch (planned for early 2020) of the production of batteries on solid electrolyte. And also a contract with Panasonic.

Thanks to the introduction of 10 new models of electric vehicles, Toyota, which is lagging behind in this area, may soon become the leader among Japanese manufacturers.

In addition, the company took care of the infrastructure, intending to create a station for the recycling of used batteries, as well as extending the limits of the network using charging stations and gas stations with hydrogen.

All these reforms led to the fact that the company’s shares increased by 2.8%. Capitalization amounted to over $ 200 billion.