It is very important for everyone to live in a peaceful, stable and successful country. It is today, the 21st of September, the International Day of Peace is celebrated.

This Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly 35 years ago. The UN invites all to cease hostilities and to forget about the violence at least on this day.

The celebrations are held near the UN headquarters in New York. One of them is a minute of silence. It commemorates all the people who died with the desire to keep the peace.

This celebration aims to strengthen relations among the world’s population. The representatives of the General Assembly urge people to direct their efforts at stabilizing the situation in the world. After all, any problem can be solved without weapons.

On this Day, different social groups organize actions around the world. It is done for people because they must think about their own contribution to the maintenance of world peace.

It is very important to unite people in these troubled time when a lot of armed conflicts are taking place in different parts of the world.

International Day of Peace calls on all the inhabitants of the Earth to a mutual understanding, reconciliation, tolerance, and peace.

It is symbolic that the picture “Dove” by Pablo Picasso has been chosen an emblem of this Day. This bird is the embodiment of peace and harmony.