Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has recorded a new version of the composition Перечекати. Now the song sounds in English. It is called “Lost in the rain”.

The singer also has shot two videos for this song.

The words of this touching musical composition belong to Vlad Darwin. He wrote them specifically for Tina Karol.

Stanislav Morozov became the director of the Ukrainian and English video clips.

Plot of the music video

In the video, everything is subordinated to the red color. According to the creators of the track, it symbolizes love, passion, and desire. Not only the interior of the room, but the singer’s outfit is made in a bright red color. There are only simple lines and clear forms on the screen. Morozov said that in such a way he wanted to emphasize the opposition between the inner world of the performer and the surrounding reality.

We offer you to watch the English and Ukrainian version of the clip