A time capsule that was buried in 1998 under the musical and sports complex Millenium Dome in London, retrieved to the surface. It was an accident during construction work by ISG. The employees slightly damaged capsule, but the content remains intact. It is planned that the cylinder will be restored and re-buried.

History of time capsule

The representatives of the British children’s TV show «Blue Peter» regularly bury the message to the descendants. Typically, the containers include things which are characteristic for a specific period of time. The first capsule was lowered into the ground in 1970. It was opened 30 years later. The capsule found by builders today had to be unpacked in 2050.

The contents of the message

In the cylinder, which had been buried for more than 30 years ago, there are things that are typical of pop culture 90s: Lala Teletubbies, CD disk of Spice Girls, an inhaler for asthma attacks, a photo of Princess Diana, insulin syringe, Tamagotchi and British coins.