The feeling of thirst is familiar to everyone. Such a condition can overtake you not only in the hot summer but also in winter. Thirst begins to torment us after eating pickles, dried fish or other foods high in salt.

To get rid of this trouble, we drink a lot of water or other beverages. But not always this can help.

It turns out, you can quench your thirst not only by liquid but also a variety of food products. Their use will not only restore the water balance in the body but also ensure an intake of vitamins and mineral trace elements.

What should we eat instead of drinking?

Some vegetables and herbs contain so much water that they can easily replenish liquid reserves in the body. What is in the lead in this ranking?

Top 5 of watery plants

The first place a cucumber confidently takes. It is almost 97% of water.

Celery is in the second place the — 96%.

Iceberg Lettuce takes third place — 95%.

Fourth place — tomatoes. They contain 94% water.

Fifth place — pepper — 93%.

With these products, you’ll be less likely to feel thirsty.