A tropical storm in Mexico threatens the population.

According to the National Center for Hurricanes, a tropical storm in Mexico and the Atlantic can form within two days. In addition, there is confirmed information that another storm is forming in the same place. According to the employees of the center, there is a certain tropical system. And it is in the next two days in the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan for a long time. It has the opportunity to become a full-scale storm in the Persian Gulf areas.

A tropical storm will over the central Atlantic.

It should also be noted that this tropical storm in Mexico will spread in the central Atlantic. The consequence of this can be bad weather and heavy rains in Tobago, Trinidad and some other islands in the southeast of the Caribbean islands. In this regard, the hydro meteorological center asks the population living on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to prepare for possible floods and a strong wind. And once again asks to remain calm and be ready for an emergency situation in the event of disaster.

Storms of this kind are often a phenomenon for this locality.

Employees of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Office argue that tropical storms are common in the region between April and June. For example, in June 2016, the Atlantic covered two tropical storms called Colin and Daniel. The power of the tropical storm reached the C and D categories. The Atlantic will be subjected to two storms, called Bret and Cindy in 2017. In April this year, in the Atlantic basin was raging tropical storm Arlene.

A tropical storm is a killer.

According to representatives of the civil defense of the state of Oaxaca, the 3d June of this year there was a hurricane Beatrice over the coast of Mexico. It took the lives of three people. Another person according to rescue services is missing. In some areas, a state of emergency will be declared shortly. The elements destroyed most of the state’s infrastructure, so people are currently trying to restore their living conditions through their efforts. The state has stopped the movement of the whole transport due to the strongest flooding also the classes in all schools are discontinued.