England found a ship with diamonds and pearls of the XVII century on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. The ship belonged to the East India Company. This organization worked on trade from the XVII to the XVIII century. In every major European country there was such an organization. History tells, the ship «President» returned in 1684 from India completely loaded with valuable stones. But having crashed, the ship sank, and almost the entire crew perished. Only two sailors survived. They climbed the next cliffs first , and then swam to the shore of one of the cities of Great Britain.

  Only the Dutch cartographer Johann Van Kellen was able to determine the exact location of the sunken ship. A few decades ago the ship was found. But he was not allowed to lift on land and even conducting scientific research. The reason for this was the Act on protection of sunken ships. More recently, the remains of the ship after the storm were noticed by marine archaeologists. And only the new Government body Historic England allowed the holding of scientific operations by David Gibbins and his wards. It is noted that during the study of the bottom, an anchor and seven cannons were already found, which were at a shallow depth of seven meters and near the shore. Diamonds and pearls haven’t been found yet. But divers believe that the treasure is somewhere in the wreckage of the ship. According to the experts’ forecasts, the approximate cost of all jewelry is $10 million.