The doctors say that the season of ARVI has already begun in Ukraine. Also, the probability of getting flu increases. According to the specialists, this period will last until the end of spring.

An increasing of the morbidity level is not incidental. With the advent of autumn, the likelihood of illness rises sharply. It seems that the sun is still shining and you should dress as in summer. But when you go into the shadow the treacherous wind blows through. The weather is also quite changeable. In the morning the sky is clear, but in the afternoon it is rainy. It is difficult to choose the clothes correctly, according to the changes of the weather.

Experts’ advice

In this period Ukrainian doctors recommend  taking  vitamins, going in for sports, hardening yourself, and observing the rules of hygiene.

The immunologists advise Ukrainian citizens to be vaccinated against influenza, so your organism will be able to develop antibodies to the virus.