What is the mirror of the augmented reality

Virtual reality technologies have long been part of everyday life, providing a greater variety of entertainment. Already anybody such you will not surprise. But recently Amazon showed that the technology can be applied more practical. Specialists of the company patented the AR-mirror. The novelty should help in choosing clothes, facilitating purchases through the Internet.

A person who chooses an outfit from the catalog, will see his reflection in the smart mirror already «dressed» in it. And the clothes will not be deformed or look strange and unnatural. Transform will be not only the size of clothing, but also its «physical properties.» In addition, the mirror of the augmented reality, will simulate different types of lighting, so that the user can see how the material will look in different conditions. It will be possible to see whether the selected color goes to the person, whether the chosen style of clothes is combined with accessories. This «device» will help to avoid disappointment from unsuccessful purchases of clothes from online stores.

There have been programs for a long time, choosing the right hair and make-up, and now you can create an image, clearly seeing it in the mirror. Clothing stores have always had great competition among themselves, and especially recently. And such novelties in service, as a mirror of augmented reality, can attract buyers. And the fact that the AR-mirror came up with Amazon, excludes the possibility that the product is unnecessary and useless. Most likely, in the near future, such an idea will be adopted by any major network for the sale of clothing. After all, the last word — for the latest technology.