The longest eclair has been cooked by the Belgian confectioners in the city Verviers. The length of this dessert is almost 680 meters. 20 confectioners have worked on this chocolate masterpiece more than 3 hours. A lot of products were required for the cooking of this dessert: 20 kg of flour, 70 kg of butter, 300 liters of milk and 2,000 eggs. The sponsors have spent 1.5 thousand Euros for the ingredients of this confection.

Eclair was divided into the six thousand portions. Money from the sale of chocolate goodies will go to charity.

Unfortunately, this chocolate eclair did not hit the Guinness Book of Records. The fact is that the chefs of Belgium have not submitted a special request.

An actual record

A cake, which was made by the Swiss baker is still considered a record holder. Its length is 503 meters.