Robot Justin will become indispensable on Mars

Humanity has long sought to get to Mars. With the «neighbor» many people want to get acquainted. And the crisis of resources and climate on Earth contributes to the fact that many scientists and companies are engaged in solving problems associated with the development of a new planet. Many expeditions are planned, which will require specialists who will have simply encyclopedic knowledge. In addition, they must be very hardy physically, emotionally stable, able to make the right decisions in critical situations. Such abilities are possessed by the robot Justin, which was created long ago by the space agency DLR. The robot is equipped with artificial intelligence, which avoids additional programming, because he himself will learn to perform new tasks.

Engineers of this agency created the robot almost ten years.

Justin can use various instruments, take pictures, overcome obstacles and catch flying objects. And thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, in the end, he can think. He can perform tasks of high complexity, without the need for constant coordination by people.

It is planned that the robot Justin will be sent to Mars one of the first, and under the leadership of AI will build the first houses for settlers who will arrive later.

The robot software allows him to perceive the environment, recognize objects, perform repairs, and clean up various mechanisms. He can also carry loads. And during one of the last tests, Justin for a few minutes replaced a spoiled solar battery, which was installed on the roof of the laboratory. An astronaut, who is on the ISS, watched him through the tablet.

The robot device allows it to independently complete tasks and save data, even if it is cut off from the outside world. This is done through nonvolatile memory.

Rechargeable robot can almost from any power source — socket, USB and TP. And just in case, he has his own solar battery.