There was a fire on the Camden Market in London.

On Sunday evening, the emergency services of London reported terrible news. As it became known, there was a fire near the local landmark, which quickly spread. According to witnesses, a fire on the Camden Market could go to restaurants that were nearby. In this case, explosions and human casualties would be likely. 70 firefighters and 10 specially equipped vehicles were involved in extinguishing the fire. Also, to quickly eliminate the source of ignition, it was decided to use air instruments. The crews of central and northern London took part in the elimination of the fire. The smoke from the flame was visible in neighboring areas for more than three hours.

The fire on the Camden Market damaged most of the building.

According to the chief of the fire department, the fire damaged the first, second and third floors of the building by 30%. Also, the roofs of the building were damaged, because the fire rose to a height of 2.5 meters from the building. As you know, the market was already exposed to a fire in 2008. It was then that the fire on the Camden Market destroyed almost the entire building, as well as the attractions that were nearby. After that event, the market did not work for 15 months.

Eyewitnesses were amazed at how quickly a fire on the Camden Market destroyed the building.

According to the woman who was passing by the building, the fire enveloped almost all the floors, fire trucks also quickly started coming together. People around were afraid that fire could hit restaurants, and this would cause blasts in the kitchen. Also, many eyewitnesses said that near the market was blocked traffic, a huge number of ambulances were driving to the north of London. Medical workers say that not a single victim has been found yet. At the same time, everyone understands that there are people in the building. Firefighters try to rescue them as quickly as possible. Fire trucks will be located near the epicenter until the morning. Also, a fire on the Camden Market can take people’s lives, so most of the ambulances remain in place.