The fire in London occurred at night.

As it became known Kensington, which is located in London, is panic-stricken. Tonight, namely, from the thirteenth to the fourteenth of June, a multi-storey house burned. This house consists of twenty-seven floors, twenty-five of which are completely enclosed by fire. The house contains 120 apartments, in which there were people at the time of the incident. According to data from the social network, in which the mayor of London, Sadik Khan, wrote that forty rescue vehicles take part in extinguishing the fire, as well as about two hundred rescuers. This fire in London is considered one of the most difficult to eliminate. Firefighters work in gas masks and in conditions of inaccessibility.

Not everybody has been saved.

According to some reports, about thirty people were victims of a fire. All of them are distributed by ambulances to five hospitals in London. Also there are people provide first aid to those who managed to free themselves from the burning building in the restaurant near the burning house. In security measures, residents of neighboring houses were evacuated. This is due to the fact that many fragments of a burning building scatter over a number of existing territories. Many residents remain trapped in the burning house. According to witnesses to the incident, people are shouting from the upper floors. Around the house gathered a huge number of relatives of people in the building. They try to reach them and make sure that they are alive.

The fire in London could have happened earlier due to the large amount of debris left after repair work. Also, residents said that after the repair work an emergency exit was blocked. Due to the presence of only one exit, people could remain locked in the building during a fire. That’s exactly what happened. Due to non-compliance with fire safety standards, residents could not get out of the burning building.
There isn’t information about the dead at the moment but the rescue work is not over. It is quite difficult for firefighters to extinguish such a huge building. There is a very big threat of a house collapse. One of the witnesses of the incident, namely Tim Downey who is known as an actor and writer, claims that the house will collapse within a few hours. Therefore, the soonest release of people is a priority at the moment.