The film festival in Los Angeles was held at the highest level.

This Wednesday in one of the most populated states of California in the United States of America was the most anticipated film festival. Participation in this festival was taken by Colin Trevorrow. The famous writer is renowned for his huge number of books, which are very popular in the USA. Also, his career began to develop rapidly after the release of the film «Security is not guaranteed» in 2012. At the moment he is on the same positions as the well-known films «Jurassic World» and «Star Wars». The film festival in Los Angeles opened the world a new work of a famous filmmaker.

Colin Trevorrow introduced the audience a new film.

At the festival this year, the director presented to the public his new film called «The Book of Henry.» According to the public, Colin Trevorrow created a beautiful film. It based on the book by Gregg Hurwitz. Also on the presentation of the work were the actors of the new film. The protagonist of the film, a little boy claimed that such an event in his life is the most memorable.

The director himself claims that he wanted to take part in this festival for a long time. And he stubbornly went to his goal. Therefore, the fact that now his film takes one of the best positions on views is the best praise for the director. At the premiere of the film came all who worked on this film. One of the most anticipated guests was rock singer Stevie Nicks, who performed the song for the film » Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go» written by Ryan Miller and Thomas Bartlett. Also, the film festival in Los Angeles was one of the key events in the life of the filmmaker John Schwartzman and the editor Kevin Stitt. The producer of the film Kalina Ivanov and composer Michael Giacchino were also invited to the premiere.

His speech, Colin Trevorrow, ended with an appeal to all filmmakers who were invited to the film festival in Los Angeles. He said that he feels like an adult child, because he is very happy. The director said that it was a great honor for him to be with such successful people. And he is really glad that at this age he was able to achieve such high results. He once again thanked everyone who believed in him and said that his inspiration is enough for many more films.