The question of gender equality sounds very often recently. We hear about it on television, read in newspapers and magazines. This question is especially acute for Western women. But  Slavic Women also are carried away on this topic. It is very important for them to be equal with men: to occupy the same positions, to participate in all issues, to be independent, to pay for themselves in the restaurant. What is behind these aspirations? Is an equality possible?

Historically, the man is a warrior, a breadwinner and a woman is a homemaker. Why did the accents change nowadays? Why do people want to take someone else’s place?

A human has the rights since his birth. For example, the right to live, to study, to work, to rest. All of them are written in the Constitution. Gender, nationality, and religion have no value.

But there are some rights, which we get additionally. For example, a qualified doctor has the legal right to treat people, in contrast to the teacher. A teacher, in his turn, can give lessons, while a janitor has not such right. This chain is endless.

What will happen if people have the right to do the things they are not able to? An actor will start to operate people, and television broadcaster will launch a rocket into space.

When you carry out unusual work, you can easily hurt yourself or other people, but do not benefit.

Therefore, the equality of all people around cannot be because of the lack of necessary knowledge and skills.

Let us return to the question of gender equality. In the West, this implies the existence of identical rights in all areas of life for men and women. Their mental and physical differences don’t take into account.

But we are very different!

In most cases, men are stronger physically. They are less emotional. Men often hold all the experiences inside. That’s why the representatives of the stronger sex are more prone to heart attacks and strokes. And their life expectancy is less on average.

And women are frequently weaker physically. They are often guided by emotions and feelings. They can make decisions based on minute break. The women rarely hold a negativity inside, and it helps them to avoid various diseases.

If we talk about appearance, men and women have a number of differences. A woman is a mother. She is created for reproduction and upbringing of posterity, which a man will defend and protect. So, at the physiological level, the representatives of the opposite sex are not similar.

By nature, the women are softer, calmer, more flexible. They are the hostesses, the creators of coziness in the house. They need to be flexible for peace and tranquility in the house. A man is a breadwinner, defender. Accordingly, his is more violent, imperious, straight.

Even the areas of interest for men and women are usually different. Appliances, electronics, mechanics are for the stronger sex. Very few women can repair a wall outlet, or iron, change the oil in a car. But the women perfectly cope with costume preparation for a kid’s holiday or cook a delicious three-course dinner for half an hour.

Of course, it is not worth to generalize. There are unusual specimens among men and women. There are men-kindergarten teachers and women-electricians. But in the most cases, the circle of interests across genders is different.

We found that men and women differ both internally and externally. Can such different creatures perform the same functions? Is gender equality possible?

Perhaps the both sexes should retain their exclusivity and uniqueness. It is better to occupy your own territory. You must remember, when you pretend to the rights of others, you need to take on additional duties. The people who strive for equality sometimes forget about it. It is possible to find positive and negative sides in every position.

Let men remain strong, brave, reliable. And women are soft, gentle and wise. And there will be harmony in the world.