The fight against smoking is not stopping for a moment in the modern world. In Scotland, for example, a law that prohibits smoking in the car with the minors was released.

According to the representatives of the Scottish Parliament, such a ban is necessary to protect children from the negative effects of passive smoking.

The fine provided for the violation can reach thousands of pounds. Minister of Health of Scotland considers that this law is aimed at the changes in smokers’ behavior. The government did not pursue the purpose of punishment. Eileen Campbell emphasized that children breathe more often, so their organism gets more of harmful substances.

The representatives of the smokers’ organization Forest reacted negatively to this law. They consider that the legislative act is populist. Very few adults allow themselves to smoke in a car where children are. A director of the organization said that the funds for the implementation of this normative act could be directed to more urgent needs.

An experience of implementing the law

In other administrative parts of the Great Britain, namely England and Wales, such a law has been working for a year. Only one person has been fined during this time. So there is no sense in adoption such a bill.