After so much time after death, a woman appeared, due to which the exhumation of the body of Salvador Dali will be made.

This story began because of the lawsuit of a 61-year-old woman from Spain. Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, born in 1956 and she claims that she is the illegitimate daughter of a famous surrealist artist. According to the woman, her mother Anthony had a relationship with the artist. It happened when she worked as a servant to a neighboring family. This family lived in the same place as Salvador Dali himself. Namely they lived in the northeast of Spain, in the coastal settlement of Cadaques. According to the owls of the mother of the plaintiff, it was in this settlement in the 1950s that a meeting took place with Salvador Dali. It was the mother of a woman who told her story before her death, who her father really is. Also, the plaintiff claims that her grandmother often said that her father was not her own, and she herself was the daughter of a great artist.

The exhumation of the body of Salvador Dali was to occur several years earlier.

As it became known the Spanish claims that she is the daughter of the artist for ten years. But at the same time, the first lawsuit was filed by a woman in 2015. And after so many years in Madrid, a decision was made in favor of the plaintiff. The judge stated that no biological remains and personal items were found after Dali’s death. Exhumation of the body of Salvador Dali is the only way to prove this information or refute it. According to the woman, she already passed DNA tests using the remaining body samples of a famous artist. But, unfortunately, she did not receive any response data. From official sources it became known that in case of a positive DNA test, the plaintiff will receive 25% of the works of the famous artist and his property. Therefore, the exhumation of the body of Salvador Dali for a woman is perhaps the only way to preserve justice.

According to the public, a woman lies.

There is a fund of a famous artist in Figueres and, according to the representative of this fund, a woman is telling a lie. Therefore, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation is going to file a counter-claim to appeal. Local media say that a woman has health problems, namely with the psyche. It is known that a woman not the first time appeals to the court with such statements. Previously, she tried to sue the writer from Spain 600 thousand euro. According to her, Javier Cercas caused her moral damage, because of what the woman decided to get even with him. But then the court refused to satisfy the lawsuit of the woman. The exhumation of the body of Salvador Dali will be made, most likely, at the beginning of the month, but the exact date is not indicated.