The Confederations Cup in 2017 brought a lot of surprises.

This year it is the eighth tournament of football competitions. Every year the cup is held in different countries, but in 2017 the hostess of the tournament was Russia. This event lasted from June 17 and during this time brought victory to one of the teams. The last game of the tournament will be held on July 2 and then the football competitions will end. It should be noted that this year Brazil does not participate in the cup. Although for twenty years the country’s football team has constantly played and in 2005 became the owner of the Cup and is still theirs. The teams of Russia, Portugal and Chile participate for the first time in this tournament. The Confederations Cup hosts eight teams of participants this year.

For a short time the tournament team of Mexico defeated New Zealand.

Mexico was able to defeat New Zealand with a score 2:1. And while for New Zealand this match will remain unforgettable. One of the most memorable players in Mexico was the striker Javier Aquino. He played the whole match in a tense atmosphere on the field and eventually scored a goal. This happened when he passed through the defender, and then passed the ball to Oribe Peralta, who was able to make the goal as a reality. Aquino is known as not a particularly effective player, but the Confederations Cup influenced him for the better.

Also, Mexico’s mistake was to play without central midfielders.

Coach Juan Carlos Osorio decided that his team could win New Zealand without any effort. Therefore, on the field were withdrawn four defenders, two attacking midfielders and two attackers. That’s why New Zealand was able to settle in the center of the football field and easily reach the ball. Of course, this experiment did not become a failure for Mexico, but in the future it is better not to repeat it.

On the other hand, we can say that New Zealand was a good contender.

In the first half, the team was stronger than Mexico and could score a couple of goals. The last ball, which he hit on the crossbar, could be a goal for Mexico and even the score. Also, Mexico at the beginning of the game chose the wrong direction and for this reason was vulnerable to the opponent.

At the moment, Mexico is on the fourth position after Portugal at the top of the group. On Saturday there will be a match between Mexico and Russia, which lags behind the leaders at this stage. If Mexico draws a tie with the Russian team, then without a doubt will get to the semifinals of the tournament. The Confederations Cup was a lesson for the Mexican football team. Their game left much to be desired, but still they won and now are serious rivals for all teams. Also thanks to this result the team became more confident in their abilities, and in the opportunity to win the Confederations Cup in 2017.

Also need to pay attention that Mexico is a two-time winner of the play-offs between the holders of the Golden Cups of 2013 and 2015. New Zealand is the winner of the 2016 Cup of Nations.
June 24 Moscow time will be a match between Mexico and Russia in the city of Kazan, and in St. Petersburg will be played by the teams of New Zealand and Portugal at the same time.