The company Space X is a company that was able to recover after the defeat.

On June 25, the company Space X is located in the United States, was launched into orbit ten satellite units through the Falcon 9 missile system. The launch went smoothly, and the initial rocket stage landed successfully on a platform in the Pacific Ocean. This company is a private enterprise of the famous American billionaire Elon Musk. For several years it successfully launches its satellites into space. But there are also failures.

The company Space X suffered damage due to an accident.

For the company, 2016 year was not very successful. The reason for this was an accident in Florida, or rather at the Canaveral Cape. This is where the spaceport on which the Falcon 9 rocket was located. During the planned testing of the rocket engines, two days before the launch, namely the first of September, the Falcon 9 exploded. The only positive side of the incident was the absence of victims during the explosion. But, despite this for a long time, the launch of the missile was postponed for an indefinite date. The first launch after the accident occurred on January 14, and the missile successfully landed ten communication satellites into orbit.

The company plans to launch 75 units of satellites until 2018. And in 2024 the company Space X intends to arrange in orbit about 4,5 thousand satellites to support high-speed Internet. Also, the American billionaire wants to provide the most accessible Internet connection not only on land. But also he wants provide it in the sea and in the air, namely, on sea and aircraft. In May of this year, one unit of the Inmarsat-5 F4 satellite was successfully put into orbit, the mission of which was also to provide high-speed Internet on aircrafts and ships. In addition, the company took care of the old satellites that were sent to low orbits in order to fully develop the remaining fuel and to fine-tune the solar batteries. This process is necessary to create for resistance, so that in the future the satellite could enter the atmosphere and there be itself destroyed by combustion.