Copy of Tesla Model X

NIO created a clone of the American electric crossover. Model ES8 a few days ago went on sale. The car, according to general data, may well compete with Tesla Model X, at least in the Chinese market. The big plus, of course, is the price — it costs half the price of the «original». The price of the basic configuration of the model starts from just $ 67,697.

But not only the price can attract consumers. The car is really interesting. Very capacious, seven-seat crossover accelerates to 100 in 4.4 seconds. Under the hood, he has 644 horsepower. The body and chassis are made of aluminum, and in the interior — genuine leather. The display on the windshield, wireless charging — all this looks very attractive.

«Copied» and Autopilot from Tesla.

NIO Pilot was developed by an Israeli company, competitor Tesla. Model ES8 has 23 sensors installed around the perimeter, 5 radars, as many cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors. Thanks to this «upgrade», the car turned out really «smart». Warns the driver about going to the oncoming lane, in case of an accident, starts an automatic brake system, «sees» all objects in the «blind zone» and reports them. «A computer car talks to the driver during the trip, listens to it, helps,» say the developers.

The only significant noticeable minus is the copy of  Tesla Model X has a spare run without additional recharging — 355 kilometers (70 kWh), while Tesla offers 565 kilometers. But even then the Chinese tried to compensate for this at the expense of another «plus» — charging speed. It takes only 10 minutes to charge an electric car to travel 100 km. Another company is going to create a system to completely replace the battery in three minutes, if the reserve of charge is suddenly depleted. To do this, a network of Power Swaps charging stations will be created. And by 2020, the number of mobile stations Power Mobile in China should increase to 1200.

Thus, NIO ES8, the Chinese copy of Tesla Model X has turned out pretty decent. Many have already «lit up» the desire to buy a car. The downside is that while the electric car is only available in the Chinese market.