The blockade of CNN caused panic among workers.

As it became known, on Tuesday there was an unforeseen blockade of CNN, which lasted several hours. CNN is part of the Redstone arsenal of the US Army. It is located in northern Alabama and is considered one of the major military bases of the country. Earlier, Redstone was the center of army missile and reactive programs. And all the studies of German scientists were conducted there. But when they surrendered to American troops during World War II, all knowledge and experience also went to the US. According to the commander-in-chief of the garrison, Colonel Thomas Holliday Jr., 2 calls were made to the service of 911 on Tuesday. According to him, the calls originated from Sparkman’s Center. The first one reported on the shots, and the second that guns were fixed on the base.

In this regard, the entire base was blocked, the entrance, and the exit from the premises was banned. Notification letters were sent immediately to the e-mail databases and postal addresses of relatives of employees. The letters indicated that the availability of the arrow was true. He was on the second floor in the building of the aviation and missile command of the Sparkman-Center complex.

The blockade of CNN was canceled due to lack of danger.

Closer to one o’clock in the afternoon, the CCN was released from the blockade, but the Sparkman Center remained under the watchful eye of the security services. According to the commander-in-chief, it took several hours to check the whole building. Such a lengthy inspection is primarily due to the fact that the size of the building is more than 1.5 million square feet, and at that time there was a huge number of employees. Also, ambulances were sent to the site, as some employees received minor injuries due to the blockade.

The services will try to understand what exactly happened and where the shots were heard from, and the weapons were visible. Meanwhile, Thomas Holliday argues that the main task was to respond in time to the threat and take all measures to eliminate it. Despite the fact that the call was false, security services will investigate this case.