The BET Awards won a lot of talented artists.

On Sunday night in Los Angeles, the BET Awards became a meeting of the new and old generation. Throughout the night, there were legends such as Mary J. Blige, Braxton, Tamar, Xscape. Compared with the new performers Chance the Rapper and SZA, well-known artists have proved that age does not affect talent and throughout the night ignited the audience. The performance began with the performance of comedian Leslie Jones, who for a long time amused the audience. He began his monologue with the «old school», thereby clearly noticing the concept of the festival itself. After all, the main task of the prize was to recall the entire legacy of the R&B of the 90s.

Best moments.

The most memorable was the hip-hop Queen Mary J. Blige, who demonstrated an excellent and vivid performance. Thus, she proved to her fans that the divorce did not affect her work. Also memorable was Xscape, which reminded the whole audience of the beautiful music of the 90s. The best hip-hop performer was DAMN, who received the main prize of the award. The prize was also awarded to Prodigy, who died a week earlier. Artist Havoc, who worked with Prodigy for twenty years, remembered his friend and his invaluable contribution to music. Kendrick also paid tribute to the famous rapper. Award for the best hip-hop performer was Remy Ma, who herself calls the Queen of New York. It should be noted that for seven years this award was received by Nicki Minaj. Remy also told the public about her imprisonment and that she should never lose faith in herself and in her success.

The BET Awards were remembered by several failures.

The first problem was the technical difficulties that disrupted the performance of SZA. The performer was interrupted throughout the song and tried to make technical problems less noticeable. Also, the moving track along which the artists moved was more like a conveyor. Because of the speed of the audience constantly worried that the nominees can simply fall into the crowd. But despite the difficulties, The BET Awards still remains the most popular and authoritative among all the rest.