Air travel is an integral part of the life of many people on the planet. Leaving the plane, a person enters the airport building. It is this room that inhabitants and visitors of the city see right after the landing. Central news portal Business Insider has determined which airports in the world are the best.

Top-10 the best world airports

1st place — Changi (Singapore)

2nd place — International Tokyo Airport (Japan)

3rd place — Inchon International Airport (South Korea)

4th place — Franz Josef Strauss Airport (Munich, Germany)

5th place — Hong Kong International Airport (Chinese People’s Republic)

6th place — Hamad International Airport (Qatar)

7th place — Tube International Airport (Japan)

8th place — Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

9th place — London Heathrow Airport (Great Britain)

10th place — Frankfurt am Main Airport (Germany)