An autumn’s conscription of the young men has started in Ukraine. All the boys and men from 20 to 27 years fit for it. Two main conditions must be satisfied for the selection of the conscripts into the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces. Firstly, the men must be absolutely healthy. And secondly, they should have no exemptions or deferments.

Some cases are provided by law when a man becomes eligible for a deferment. For example, if his wife is pregnant. If he has two children or his child is less than three years old. Moreover, if a man is the only able-bodied member of the family or the guardian of the disabled person. Also, learning at a university gives the right to postpone the term of military service.

It is expected that within these two months about 14 thousand soldiers will be drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For the conscripts who have higher education, a term of military service will be 1 year . The others are drafted into the army for 1,5 years. These terms can be increased in a case of military danger.

The representatives of General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have emphasized that the conscripts will not be sent to the Donbas.