Today, Americans celebrate one of the most popular public holiday – Thanksgiving Day. Traditionally on this day, people bake a huge stuffed turkey, invite relatives and friends, thank each other and God for all good things.

History of the holiday

The history of this holiday goes back deep into centuries. In the early 17th century English settlers moored to the shores of America. Not all the British could survive the cold and lack of food. Half of the settlers died. The survivors founded a colony. Local Indians taught the settlers cultivating the land, plowing, sowing properly. The first big crop was harvested in autumn. As a sign of gratitude for the help, the colonists organized a celebration that is known today as Thanksgiving Day.

The modern traditions

In America, there are new traditions of celebrating. On this day, the current US president should remit two turkeys. Furthermore, homeless people have an opportunity to eat traditional dishes free: roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Solemn parades are held on the streets.

Neighboring Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving Day, but a month earlier. In addition to the turkey, Canadians cook apple pie and meat dumplings.